Tesla doesn’t integrate Apple CarPlay due to a number of factors. But you can easily add CarPlay or Android Auto on any Tesla with a home-made solution. Michal Gapinski’s Tesla Android Project has been updated to the second version. First demonstrated in February by the Polish developer, a hack that allowed CarPlay to be used with Teslas. In February, it was hard to see how the hack worked, but he now has a brand new video and website that explains how it’s done.

The creator claims that this is a simple way for more people to adopt the workaround. On the website it states that “The primary objective of this release is simple: Usability.” The project must provide an Android-like experience if it is to grow and be popular among the Tesla Community. Then people will not use it.” According to him, the user should be able to install the system “within minutes.” Apple Music is playing and YouTube plays even when Model 3’s are not in drive. Elon Musk has recently praised the latest tesla carplay version, saying it is a vast improvement over the previous software.

Apple unveiled a much improved CarPlay at its 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference just weeks earlier. CarPlay has been redesigned to appear more customizable. It is also said that it will integrate seamlessly into cars instead of having CarPlay windows take over screens.

General Motors has announced that it will adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard. North American Charging Standard… is the North American Charging Standard. Ford announced a similar move just weeks earlier. This change could be the one that solidifies the NACS standard as the only unified charging system for EVs.

General Motors announced the plan last Thursday. It confirmed plans to include Tesla’s NACS-style charging ports in its future EVs, starting 2025. Tesla’s charging system boasts more than 12,000 Superchargers across Canada and the US, and over 45,000 globally. This gives EV drivers a wider access to fast charging infrastructure.

GM, Tesla and Ford had originally planned on extending Supercharger access in 2024 to Ford EV drivers via a Tesla to CCS adapter. Unlike the Ford announcement on adapters, there is no word yet on whether or not owners will have to pay for them. GM is committed to a seamless switch and will give its EV users a NACS-to-CCS adapter so that they can use CCS fast chargers.

GM aims at providing a hassle-free charging experience to its customers through the integration of Supercharger data, such as availability and location information into their EVs. Mary Barra said that this collaboration was a crucial part of their strategy to accelerate mass EV use. This collaboration aims to build a diverse ecosystem of EVs, across different categories and prices while expanding the availability of fast chargers.

Tesla’s stock has risen following the announcement. Two of North America’s most prominent automakers are now supporting Tesla’s Charging Standard. This makes the future of CCS (Combined Charging System), in North America, increasingly uncertain.

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