To make it easier to plan the best use of your space, organize all boxes and other items by room. To maximize space efficiency and minimize movement in transit, you should first load larger furniture pieces. Although using all the floor space to your advantage is tempting, you should not use Portable storage Phoenix boxes horizontally. This will limit your ability to move around or stack any remaining boxes on top. To create a wall, stack the boxes from bottom to highest and then stack each row one at a time. Although ‘walls’ offer stability, it is essential to stack boxes as tightly and closely as possible. To minimize movement during transit, ensure you fill small gaps with delicate items such as blankets, soft toys, and clothing.

You should stack essential items such as toiletries, towels, and kitchen appliances in the front of your portable unit. This will make it easy to find them when you arrive at your new place. Don’t leave valuable items, like jewelry or laptops, or any important documents or work related to property, like lease agreements or lease agreements, in the portable device. They are safe with you, and you won’t be scrambling for them when you get there.

The bottom is for heavy items, and the top is for lighter ones. Otherwise, the latter may push the more delicate or smaller items beneath. This ensures heavy objects don’t tip over while in transit, loading, unloading, or causing injury to others. It is essential to distribute heavy items throughout the floor evenly. Otherwise, the side with more weight could cave in and cause damage.

Most portable storage units have hooks or anchor points to allow you to attach straps to hold items in place. Attach loading straps or rope to each row to prevent objects from shifting or being damaged in transit. To prevent things from falling out of the door, secure them at the front using rope or straps. To create a barrier between objects and the door, place a large piece or mattress on top of it and secure it with straps.

It is essential to secure your portable storage unit using a lock, even if it will be stored in our safe and secure Box storage facility. Excellent Box mobile storage units come with doors that have latches to ensure your belongings are safe and sound. Our teams also have swinging doors which are safer than rolling doors. Roll-up doors are harder to break into.

These tips will help you pack a portable storage unit. Consider using Box moving storage containers to make your move even more seamless. These containers are secure, protected, and insulated to protect belongings from the elements. They are all placed at ground level to make loading and unloading our units easier. We deliver units directly to your door. You can store your Box portable storage unit as long as possible, even if you need to unload your contents later.

We offer upfront pricing without hidden fees and pride ourselves in giving accurate estimates based on your information. We even match or beat quotes from competitors for the exact specification!

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