Are you close to your family or friends? Is it well connected by public transport? There is a nearby bus stop. Are local services, such as shops or a doctors’ surgery, nearby? Are you looking for a home in the city or on the country side? You may want to continue being a part of the local community. What care homes are nearby if you belong to clubs or enjoy going to the library, a favorite cafe or your local coffee shop?

How many staff members are there compared to the residents? How is the training for staff? What was your initial impression when you first met the staff? Was their first impression kind, caring, and friendly? Do they show residents respect and dignity when Rico Handjaja dealing with them? Call bells were answered quickly? Does the staff participate in community activities and get to know residents well? They know their residents’ names and likes and dislikes.

Does the home meet your spiritual and cultural needs? Can they support you to go to your community group or place of worship? Does the staff show an interest in you outside of the home?

You may like routines and settings where many things are taken care of for you. Would you rather be encouraged to make as many decisions on your own as possible and be asked for advice? You will receive a person-centered care that is designed specifically for and with you. Staff encourage residents to be independent, choose their own care and have control of their lives. Do you want to have your say on what and when you receive care?

Is there a coordinator of activities on staff? How often are activities organised? Are you able maintain any of your hobbies? Do you plan to go on any trips? Find out if the home has a relationship with local groups. Are there nearby toddler groups or schools that visit? There are opportunities for you to join local lunch clubs or craft groups. Can you find a quiet place to sit apart from the rest of the group?

How is the food? Are the meals prepared at home by the chef/cook? What is the choice? Is the mealtime a social occasion and does it encourage people to eat with each other? Do the chefs ask residents what they would like on the menus? Do you offer snacks and beverages throughout the day?

Is the home comfortable and familiar? It is well maintained? Do you have a welcoming community area? If the lounge is equipped with a TV, what programs are shown? There is a room that does not have a TV for people who wish to talk to visitors or be alone. Does the hotel have wi-fi access?

Agincare was founded on family values. The Chairman and Founder of Agincare take a keen interest in how each home is run to ensure that it supports the core values of the company – an approach which is warm, friendly and inviting, with high quality affordable care and freedom and choice. Our care homes are all unique, each with their own style and amenities. We work closely with our residents, staff and families to ensure that every resident is happy and respected, no matter where they live.

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