We are aware that many passengers will drink and party while renting a limousine for a night on the town. Be careful not to get in a fight with a limo driver if you’re too drunk. This is completely uncalled for, often dangerous and silly. This is certainly not good limo etiquette. Luxury car service don’t permit smoking in cars. If this is the case, be aware and respectful. You should check with the company before you book to make sure that alcohol has been approved. Be respectful inside the car. Do not swear at your driver, or be rude. You are entrusting them with a job and you should respect that.

You should leave the limo in the same condition you found it. Do not leave behind empty wrappers, cans or bottles. You should not throw food and drink at fellow passengers. Your shoes should not be strewn across the seats. You can take everything with you when you leave. There may be a cleaning fee charged by some luxury car service companies if the vehicle is left in a messy state. Limo rides My targets hotels can be very entertaining. A limousine ride is a great way to start your night. While your driver may want you to have fun, there is a set of etiquette rules that you need to follow. Limo drivers are professionals, and you should treat them accordingly.

Make sure to let the limo company be aware of how many people you expect to have when you book your reservation. It allows the company to choose the most accommodating vehicle, and therefore, the safest. If the size of your party changes, alert the company as soon as possible so they can adjust and plan for the additions/subtractions from your group. Get a quote for an estimate of the cost per head.

While a limousine may make you feel like a royal, it does not mean you are free from responsibilities. Imagine you were doing a favor by driving your friends to a party. Then, imagine that your back seat was full of empty bottles/cans, food wrappers and other personal items. It is important to treat a limo the same as you would your car. Be sure to tidy up before you leave. Take everything with you, and dispose of anything that isn’t necessary. They will thank you for it and won’t charge you any cleaning fees.

The tipping policy for limo drivers is to give 20% of the rental amount. Although it might seem like 10-15 percent is the appropriate tip for vehicles, a limo will be most often used for a special occasion. The extra 5 percent will help a lot, especially if you have some rowdy friends. You can still complain if you’re not happy with the service.

There is no such thing “too much fun.” Respecting your driver and the people around you is part of being respectful. Although smoking is a no-no, you should also get your alcohol approval from the limo company. It is unacceptable to use coarse language with your driver when conversing with them, regardless of how much alcohol you’ve consumed. The limo driver is not the only one who needs to feel safe.

It is important to take into account the price when purchasing any service or item. It’s crucial to determine the cost of limo service. However, this doesn’t mean you should stick to it and ignore other services. The driver will inform you of the situation and offer poor service at a very low price. Focus on the services. A limo company may surprise you with hidden charges later. Don’t hire a limo service for an emergency. This will allow you to decide more and pay less. Have detailed information about your entire trip at hand for a week prior to making your reservation.

Make reservations on the busiest days like workdays instead of weekends. Last-minute reservations are less secure since you won’t be able ask enough questions and clear any doubts.

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