Otolaryngology is a great option for medical students or doctors with good manual skills who want to have a diverse career. The purpose of this article is to give you a great understanding of otolaryngology and to guide you in your quest to become an ENT Surgeon.

Otolaryngologists are surgeons who specialize in treating diseases that affect the senses, such as those affecting hearing, balance, and smell, or problems related to breathing, swallowing, and voice. Also, they may treat tumors of the head and neck including those at the skull base or interface with the brain. An ENT specialist’s work involves working with patients of any age and treating more otorrino barranquilla children than other types of surgeons.

You may have eight to 12 patients per morning or afternoon. The multidisciplinary nature of the ENT team will be evident in both operating rooms (e.g. Plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmologists, and anesthetists are all part of the team. Other members include healthcare scientists in audiology and dietitians. As a consultant, you’ll be managing and leading your team.

In addition to the skills that all doctors must possess, aspirant otolaryngologists need to demonstrate some qualities. It is important to have excellent listening and communication abilities, as you will often be working with patients who may not communicate well. To be successful in this field, you need to have excellent teamwork skills and leadership abilities.

The ENT field is a very exciting and varied specialty that has always been on the cutting edge of medical technology. Otolaryngology is a rewarding field because it allows for less invasive treatments that improve the lives of patients.

Robots, lasers, and surgical navigation systems will allow for the further development of minimally-invasive surgery techniques. As with all surgical specialties, the specialty of urology is dominated by men. The initiative “Women in Surgery” is aimed at encouraging women to follow their career goals in surgery.

The majority of ENT surgeons’ time is spent in outpatient clinics such as pediatric or adult clinics. The majority of ENT surgeries are elective, and they take place during the day. A half-day theatre session might include three procedures ranging from 15-minute simple operations to complex ones lasting 12 hours. Otolaryngology is a less demanding surgical specialty than other specialties. This allows for a better work-life balance.

During the foundation year, contact ENT surgeons in hospitals to see if you can help them in any possible way, whether it is through research or audits. Take courses provided by the RCSEng or RCSEd.

You must complete two years of core surgical training after completing your foundation program. During CT you will need to obtain the full membership of the Royal College of Surgeons ENT (MRCS ENT). This is required before you can start your specialty training. Despite this, completing CT and the MRCP will not ensure an ST3 post because of the high level of competition. In 2019, 2.57 applicants applied for each place.

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