If your design is going to be displayed on an Banner or Exhibition Pop-up at an event, ensure to include your logo near the top of the page so that you know everyone will see the person you’re addressing over the crowd! To get a better understanding guide to designing print in an event, check out our website for your needs right here. Images work great on printed event posters but you’ll also have to follow the guidelines above for any images you’re using (including websites). When it comes to Leaflets or Brochures It’s a good option to work with an experienced photographer to make sure your pictures are original and of the highest quality.

You’re passionate about your work This is great and even amazing – however, it’s vital to know when to pause to make an impact. Whitespace (sometimes called positive spaces) in design refers to the time where you leave a part of your design blank to create a desired effect. While it is visually appealing, it could aid people to loyalty card printing understand and digest and may increase the amount of interest that your design will receive. A design that is cluttered with lots and lots of information could be confusing, and your clients may not have the knowledge to locate it!

We believe the use of whitespace in this poster to illustrate the effects of environmental degradation is particularly powerful. The design mimics popular classic video games such as Space Invaders to allude to the fact that we are responsible for the loss of large fish in our oceans. The whitespace employed creates a more thoughtful and thought-provoking because it’s evident that something is missing even though there’s nothing there it speaks for itself.

A business card does more than provide your business contact information. They are the perfect tools to make an excellent impression on someone else. A well-designed business card always creates respect for the individual and their business. Badly designed, tacky business cards are easy to throw away. When you’re the one that is giving the card out it is likely that you desire to be considered serious.

There are many secrets to a good business card, but they can be overlooked. If you’re not a professional yourself, don’t design your own card. You can design a rough template yourself and present it to a designer. What is pleasing to you will not necessarily look great for everyone else. When professional designers recommend changes, please pay attention! But there are some things that you can request in your card when you talk with the design team. So, without further ado now, let’s go over the top 10 points you should keep in mind when creating your business card.

Simplicity is the key for designing your business cards. Just include basic information that is required. Don’t include any unnecessary information like the type of services you provide or the names of the products you sell. It’s not worth the time looking at a page stuffed with information. Your name, designation, contact details and the branding that’s required.

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